The Importance of Weather Stripping the Doors & Windows at Your Home

The Importance of Weather Stripping the Doors & Windows at Your Home

Weather stripping is used to seal cracks between doors and frames, providing a protective barrier against outside weather elements and prevention of inside air from escaping. The weather seal ensures that your home is comfortable any time of the year, regardless of outside temperatures.

Deterioration of weather stripping rush ny occurs due to friction, weather conditions, age of the material though damage to weather door seal can also occur from pets, pests, and even your own actions. When weather seal has deteriorated or been damaged, the protective barrier is broken and air is allowed to enter from the outside and escape from the inside, resulting in increased energy bills, decreased comfort, and many other headaches.

There’s also a risk that pests will come inside the home if weather stripping/weather seal is broken or damaged. Ants, cockroaches, flies, and many other pests quickly become a nuisance when they make their way inside your home due to the improperly fitting door seal.

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Inspection of the door weather seal is recommended for all homeowners. At least once per year (or sooner if you suspect a problem) examine the door weather seal for damage. If you notice that it is damaged or has deteriorated, it’s time to replace. A quick replacement is all that you need to again retain the magnetic barrier that keeps your family comfortable while keeping air where it should be.

When inspecting the door weather seal, the following are common issues you might encounter:

·    Dry, brittle, or cracked door weather seal

·    Weather seal that’s lost its shape

·    Lose self-adhesive foam tape that’s pulled away from the frame or fallen off.

·    Missing nails

Don’t call an expert to replace weather seal around your door. This simple project is a DIY job that requires only about an hour of time and a few simple tools. When you want to learn how to replace door weather seal, the step-by-step instructions below will guide you in the right direction.


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