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Customize Lights But Do It With LED

You have this lovely stretch of patio out at the back of your property. And because spring or summer may be heading your way, this got you thinking. What would make it look even lovelier would be a linear bouquet of multi-colored lights. Indeed it would, but after you have rushed into your new custom light fixtures and fittings, just you wait until next month’s or next quarter’s electric bill arrives.

You have a good piece of ground. It is your smallholding a few miles outside of the city. This is where you are planning on building a hatchery. Your business plan suggests that you will be breeding chickens. And among the many items that are required as part of your infrastructure will be fluorescent lamps. Have you perhaps not considered an alternative farming practice? Because check your first electric bill after your first quarter of operations have come and gone.

It will leave you in the red. In the city, all office floors and studios need to be optimally lighted. The same goes for all the retail centers. They need to be appropriately lighted as well. Lighting fixtures and fittings will differ from building to building, floor to floor, and from business to business. On just one block, just imagine how much power will be going into all of this. And how will the tenants and business owners react when they receive their next utilities account statement.

custom light fixtures

Globally, that is one item that only seems to be going one way. Up. Every year the price of electricity continues to rise. And lighting the premises is one of those items that tend to expend the most power. They no longer need to. Not unless you are using LED lighting.